“Love It”, Blue-9’s Balance Harness For Dogs

“Love It”, Blue-9’s Balance Harness For Dogs Scores A Perfect Five-out-of-Five In Customer Reviews

This harness’s unique design allows pet owners to adjust each strap for a perfect fit and total freedom of movement for any size dog.

Blue-9’s Balance Harness for dogs provides six adjustment points offering a customized fit for any size dog. Most people feel that a harness is a harness and they are all the same, however, this harness offers the flexibility of multiple adjustment points ensuring that dogs will have full range of movement without any chaffing.

“The Balance Harness does just what it says,” says David Blake, President of Blue-9 Pet

Products. “It allows dogs and owners to walk in balance with each other. Owners can

review how-to videos and learn training tips on our website.”

For the third year in a row, The Balance Harness Buckle-Neck was the #1 rated harness by Whole Dog Journal where they stated, “We were hard-pressed to find anything to criticize on this harness.” The buckle neck design allows owners to clip the harness around the dogs neck without having to slip something over the dogs head.

The Balance Harness ($39.95) is made with a leash attachment ring on the front and on the back. The front leash attament point povides better control for dogs the tend to pull. For even more control the Blue-9 Multi-Function Leash can be attached to both the front and back rings. The harness is offered in multiple colors and sizes assuring the perfect fit for any dog.

“The Balance Harness is one of the safest, most comfortable harnesses on the market today,” added Blake. “Its quality, made in the USA, construction and its full range of adjustments make it a great choice for anyone looking for a more enjoyable walk.”

For more information about the Balance Harness please visit the website at

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