Water to go for your dog !

Doggie Water 2GO is Vital Pet Nutrients’ flagship product, and the pet industry’s first environmentally-friendly, healthy, and safe portable pet hydration solution for dogs. Created to provide safe, clean hydration for dogs both on the go, the water is purified, softened, UV treated and blended with essential electrolytes.

“For us, pups are family. Our 3-year-old French Bulldog, Pippi, is the inspiration behind Doggie Water 2GO,” said Jerry de los Reyes Patricio, chief executive officer at Vital Pet Nutrients. “We bring Pippi almost everywhere we go — vacations, the beach, the dog park, and even to work. When you’re on the go with your companion it can be difficult to find water that’s safe enough for their consumption, and hydration is a key part to their health. It was important for our team to develop a product that could help make on-the-go hydration easier for dog parents.”

Pippi is the company’s brand ambassador and will be traveling across the country with the team to visit shelters and help homeless doggies find their new forever families.

Unlike traditional portable dog bowls, Doggie Water 2GO doesn’t require any cleaning, rinsing, filling or any other messy or complicated mechanisms. Doggie parents simply ‘peel and serve,’ ensuring that safe and clean drinking water is available within just two seconds. One package of Doggie Water 2GO can fit into a small bag or even a pocket, so dog owners can say goodbye to carrying bulky travel water bottles.

In addition to being safe for both human and pet consumption, Doggie Water 2GO is also environmentally-friendly. The packaging is completely recyclable, reusable and developed using PET approved materials that responsibly help reduce the planet’s carbon footprint. Doggie Water 2Go is 100% recyclable while also proudly being sourced and made in the U.S.

The World's Finest Doggie Water, Doggie Water 2GO is available for MSRP $1.69 and will be sold through a network of wholesalers.

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